When I woke up a few Monday's ago, I had a burning desire to create a magazine. It was absolutely insatiable. I started work right away, forgetting to drink my (usually necessary) coffee for the first time in quite a while. What is my reasoning and my goal?  I'll try my best to explain: 

Without doubt, COVID-19 has been fundamental in my decision to get started with this little project (the temptation to give it a CV19 related name was almost too great to resist!). We were all trapped in some way at the moment and I'd do anything to stave off my own boredom, but most importantly to me was that I really wanted to do something good to help occupy some time for others and hopefully stir up some inspiration. 

CV19 also resulted in all of my paid work disappearing within a single week, and I know that I'm not the only one that this has happened to. So, the plan is to help keep photography alive for those who love it as a subject, and raise people's awareness of photography businesses, so that hopefully people still have businesses to return to once this is all over (or at the very least the motivation to fight hard for it). 

I'd been picking away at writing a couple of articles recently, which I had forgotten how much I enjoyed, but have  also become increasingly deeply unhappy with the throwaway culture that we as a society have developed towards photography. 

Inspired by other great publications, I want to help bring the focus back to the appreciation of people's hard work.

In a little homage to Group f/64 (prompted and reminded by the base ISO of my camera), I decided on the title "64 Magazine". Where they formed as an opposition to pictorialism, I want this magazine to stand in the face of transient photography and hopefully develop a community that takes the time to truly appreciate other's hard work, whilst inspiring us all to build one another upwards. 

When I first started, I thought that this might be a one-time publication, but it quickly evolved into a two year roadmap. I have chosen to make the first issue free to download, which will feature a balanced body of work from numerous different contributors. 
I hope that you enjoy the work that has gone into creating this magazine and that I connect with you soon.

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